Unity Church of Truth
(founded in 1913) 104 years of service in Toronto!

Teacher: The Reverend James Sherman

Our Unity Classes are a way to quicken your Spiritual Learning and development. Our intimate class structure is informal allowing discussion and questions from all present.

Classes This Week At Unity!
“Why Most Prayers Won’t Work” - Chapter 5 – Part 4

“The Christmas Letters”
(By Joel S. Goldsmith)

Wednesday, April 25th at 7:00 pm 4th floor, room 3
Thursday, April 26th at 12:30 pm 4th floor, room 3
Fairview Mall Public Library -35 Fairview Mall Drive, TO

Prayer is a mainstay in all religions, though it is practiced in many forms. People endeavor to follow the practices and instructions provided by their religious leaders. Religious obligations often require people to pray at set times, in set places, in set ways, using set words.

In troubling times, some will repeat their routine prayers and others will engage in free-form prayer, typically praying FOR something. Because results seem to be “hit or miss”, people sometimes wonder if prayer works at all.

James, a former Disciple of Jesus, wrote, “You do not receive, because you ask wrongly” (James 4:3). This, of course, begs the question, How do I ask rightly?

The subtitle of this week’s lesson is “Failure of Prayers That Seek a God-Power”. If you’ve ever wanted to know why prayers don’t work, this class will interest you.

Join us on Wednesday at 7 pm and Thursday at 12:30 pm