JULY 2015
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102 years of service in Toronto!


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Wee Wisdom
Children ages 2-13
Sundays at 11:00 am
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Wednesday & Thursday Classes
Teacher The Reverend James Sherman
Place Don Mills Public Library Auditorium
888 Lawrence Ave. East, TO
Wednesday Evening Class Time: 7:00 pm
Thursday Afternoon Class Time: 12:30 pm

JULY Understanding
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Disciple: Thomas

"The first thing is to acquire WISDOM; gain UNDERSTANDING, though it costs you all you have. Do not forsake her, and she will keep you safe; love her and she will guard you; cherish her and she will lift you high; if only you embrace her, she will bring you to honour. She will set a garland of grace on your head and bestow on you a crown of glory."
Solomon, The Book of Proverbs

UNDERSTANDING, developed to its full potential, enables us to have a crystal-clear insight into everything. We are able to see how things are interconnected and perceive the deeper meanings of events in our lives.

SPIRITUAL UNDERSTANDING (the highest part of our understanding) allows us to tap into the all-knowingness of God (omniscience). At this level of understanding we cannot be mislead by appearances because we know the Truth (reality) that stands under all conditions.

Through SPIRITUAL UNDERSTANDING, pure intuition (Mind of the Heart) and pure reason (Mind of the Head) and pure action (Mind of the Body) can work cooperatively within the individual.

Affirmations for Building Greater Understanding

"I joyfully welcome every opportunity to learn and grow this day."
"I open my heart to new understanding, and I find I have new power to forgive."

“Lord, give thy servant an understanding heart.” (King Solomon)

"The goal of my life is to gain spiritual understanding."

"I seek to be kind and understanding toward every person in my life."

"With all my “getting” in this life I shall never neglect getting more understanding."

"I prize my understanding heart above all my other possessions. Praise God!"

"God loves me and understands me. This fills me with warmth and gratitude."


Every higher level of understanding is “better” than the levels that preceded it. Briefly describe, in writing, how Unity’s teachings have helped and are now helping you reach higher levels of spiritual understanding. We invite you to share your 'truths' with us one Sunday. Let us know if you would like to speak.