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MARCH 2015

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Children ages 2-13
Sundays at 11:00 am

Birthday Sunday - MARCH 1st, 2015

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Classes MARCH 2015
Topic Jesus' Miracles and the Teachings that Accompany them

Wednesday Evenings at 7:00 pm
Thursday Afternoons at 12:30 pm
The Reverend James Sherman
Fairview Mall Public Library (35 Fairview Mall Drive) Room 4

Rev Sherman writes: “Demonstrations of ‘Grace’ – The Miracles of Jesus”

People who sincerely and faithfully follow spiritual teachings hope to stay on the “good side of karma”. When others see truly upright people go though horrible events, they often don’t know what to think or believe.

Such was the case of a devout and decent rabbi who held the position of synagogue president near a small village. Illness didn’t befall the man, but as a loving parent something far worse happened – his daughter was on her deathbed.

This rabbi, named Jairus, asked Jesus to come and heal his little girl. Jesus’ asked no questions: they simply walked beside each other towards Jairus’ home, accompanied by a large crowd. But, before they arrived, a messenger told them that Jairus’ daughter had already passed.

Jesus didn’t stop: He said to Jairus, “Don’t be afraid, just go on believing,” assuring him that his daughter was simply ‘asleep’. People already mourning her death reacted scornfully.

The miracle that followed happened more than 2000 years ago, but the spiritual teachings contained in the story might someday save your life or the life of another.

Join us this week at the Fairview Mall Public Library: Wednesday evening at 7 pm, or, on Thursday afternoon at 12:30 pm

Disciple: JOHN
Colour: Green

STRENGTH “Mind” Affirmation: “In the stillness, alone with my God, I receive an infilling of pure new strength.”

STRENGTH “Heart” Affirmation: “I am strengthened and sustained by the loving presence of God ever with me.”

STRENGTH “Body” Affirmation: “I am made stronger by every prayer, every act of forgiveness and every blessing!”

"Unity believes that affirmations provide a practical 'KEY' for changing your relationships, interpretations and responses in life creating prosperity, health and happiness! All you need to do is practice saying these affirmations 100 times a day for 30 days and you will see amazing results. The affirmations will become the foundations for new beliefs and outcomes. Take the 30 day affirmation journey for yourself and let us know about God's power demonstrated in your life!