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Unity Classes on Wed (7:00 pm) & Thurs (12:30 to 1:30 pm) Room #4 Fairview Mall Library 35 Fairview Mall Dr. TO

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Gratitude is easily felt and expressed in response to anything that pleases us. Let’s call it “reactive gratitude”: Something happens, we like it, and we say “Thank you” to God, or, someone.

"Unity teaches three very simple ideas that no one will ever improve upon. We teach that there is but one Presence and one Power in the universe, God, the Good, omnipotent. We teach that every individual is a direct expression of this Presence and every individual has an unalterable relationship of oneness with this Presence. Everything else that we teach is commentary on these ideas, instruction on how to rethink our individual experience based on these ideas, and how to deepen the awareness of our relationship of oneness with this Presence. To remain a solid and practical catalyst to authentic, spiritual transformation, we will never stop talking about these ideas. We will only get better at doing it." Rev. J Douglas Bottorff

Unity Church of Truth
Celebrating our 101st Year of Service in Toronto
Practical & Common Sense Christianity

You are welcome each Sunday in our sunlit sanctuary or to join us LIVE online, or, to order a RECORDED link Our church is brightened further with The Reverend James Sherman's vivid and practical sermons. Recognized as a gifted teacher and speaker, James's message is that life is a gift and is meant to be awesome. (More)

"Gratitude is to your life, what `Miracle Grow!` is to your plants! God`s Good is organic, in that the more you acknowledge and express 'It', the more it thrives and produces." Rev. James Sherman and Deborah

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Unity respects each individual's right to find his or her own way in matters of belief. Unity provides good, healthy food for thought. Unity teaches that life is meant to be good. Unity is for those who are interested in learning, growing and changing their minds.

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Unity students focus on Mind/Body/Heart health and fitness in creating balance in their lives. (More)

Prayer Paintings
Prayer paintings provide a unique and personal focus for special prayers and spiritual growth.
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